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S.: among married Jewish women, 47 percent are married to a non-Jewish spouse, and among married Jewish men, 41 percent are married to a non-Jewish spouse.

Anecdotally, many Jewish women say that’s no surprise.

And when some of the greatest leaders of our people were not of “pure” Jewish ancestry?

King David was descended from Ruth, a great biblical heroine and Jew-by-choice, who famously said, “Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.” I think of the words of Lebanese Christian poet Khalil Jibran: “When love calls you answer, though his ways are hard and steep …

He also wanted a Jewish household, but one that did not follow the strict rules of orthodoxy.

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Today the family observes the holidays and is planning to join Houston’s Temple Sinai.Heartbroken, they went their separate ways, and Jennifer dated a series of Jewish men. Jennifer agreed to marry Eric — on the condition they would raise their children as Jews.One in particular, whom she describes as “nice,” wanted to marry her, but she didn’t feel it was right. Then, several months after their wedding by civil ceremony, Eric volunteered to undergo a conversion within the Conservative movement.She began to date non-observant Jewish men, dipping a toe in here and there, until, like me, she realized that secular Jewish men who wanted to marry Jewish women wanted to marry Jewish women who would eat in non-kosher restaurants and go out before the sunset on Saturday nights after the Sabbath ended.She had to make a choice to go back to being less-observant and date non-orthodox men if she wanted a greater chance to marry and have children.

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